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Environment Per Camera is a powerfull and easy-to-use 3DS Max modifier for Corona Camera, that allows you to use specific HDRI Map, Corona Sun and Lights individually for each camera and save tons of time for creating and changing environment. It is a complete all-in-one solution made specially for professional use in visualization studios. No more manual changes – your environment changes automatically every time you switch the cameras. And now modifier is fully compatible with Batch Render!

Environment Per Camera Modifier installer
Camera Selector
Environment Per Camera Modifier installer
Image Size & Batch
Environment Per Camera Image Size & Batch Render control
Corona Sun
Environment Per Camera Corona Sun control
Environment Per Camera HDRI Map control
Environment Per Camera Lights control

12 long-awaited features
you get with this modifier
Individual HDRI Map
Set the individual HDRI Map and it's rotation for each camera in a few clicks
Individual Corona Sun
Set the individual Corona Sun for each camera in a few clicks
Corona Sun direction linked
Set Corona Sun direction according to the sun in HDRI Map in one click
Individual Lights
Set the individual Lights for each camera in a few clicks
Individual image resolution
Set the individual image resolution for each camera in a few clicks
Batch Render compatibility
All modifier's features are absolutely compatible with Batch Render
One-click Batch Render queue
Create Batch Render queue for all cameras in one click
Enormous time saving
Set and change your environment and Batch Render queue in a few clicks
No more manual changes
Environment changes automatically every time you switch the cameras
No more animation keys
No animation keys needed to change the environment for each camera
No more Scene States
No Scene States needed to change the environment for each camera

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How to get this script? Environment Per Camera script was created only for professional use and is distributed only for visualization studios. Each copy of this script is protected with unique serial number and personalized for each studio and each script's user. You must be ready to provide true personal information (studio name, logo, site and working social links together with every script's user name, surname and working social links) to get your personal copies. All the personal information provided will be carefully checked for truth and will not be passed on to third parties.

Current price of one personalized copy of the script is $25. Discounts are possible only for the orders of more than 10 personalized copies of the script for one visualization studio.

Just e-mail me or use messengers listed below to contact me for futher details.
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